Metaco Harmonize

Boost your customer base loyalty and engagement

Leverage the power of smart contracts and wallet services to build innovative use cases including minting, burning, storage and transfer of NFTs, which are key to unlock the flows of the metaverse economy.

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  • Testimonials

    “We are designing an open mobility ecosystem that is interconnected and interoperable with others, such as smart home and smart city ecosystems. Blockchain enabled digital tokens allow data and other assets to be stored and transferred in a fast, secure, and green way. By leveraging technology from Metaco, we make this possible, and take another step forward in redefining the global mobility ecosystem.”

    Gürcan Karakaş
    Chief Executive Officer at Togg
  • Adopt crypto as part of
    your treasury strategy

    Diversify your balance sheet with crypto and digital assets, with a lightweight custody service.

  • Simplify your corporate
    finance operations

    Issue tokenized equities, bonds, collateral and other similar assets while having end to end lifecycle management control for corporate actions and other financial events.

  • Bring the power of Web3
    into your offerings

    Supercharge your products, services and ecosystem by embedding relevant DeFi protocols and Web3 DApps into your existing offerings.

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Create the future, now

Find out how corporates worldwide work with Metaco to offer compelling new benefits to their users through the integration of digital assets into operations.