Metaco Harmonize

Leverage banking-standard technology

Our mission-critical software infrastructure enables large financial institutions, custodian banks, and securities services firms to build their digital asset operations.

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Custody Vaults
  • Become a custodian of digital assets

    Build a future-proof business by safeguarding and servicing digital assets in the most secure, scalable and compliant way.

  • Enable differentiated digital asset management services

    Provide professional investors with exposure to digital asset trading, lending and other investment solutions to help them increase their portfolio performance, in a secure way.

  • Create and support new, tokenized asset classes

    Turn securities or non-regulated assets into digital tokens using our powerful smart contract framework and pre-integrated tokenization engines.

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  • “We are witnessing the increasing digitization of traditional investment assets along with new native digital assets. We are innovating and developing new capabilities to support digital asset classes that are becoming increasingly relevant to our clients.”

    Okan Pekin
    Global Head of Securities Services, Citi

Build on a solid and future-proof foundation

Metaco Harmonize is the core platform for your current and future digital asset operations, covering broad use cases across custody, liquidity, settlement, yield generation, access to DeFi, and compliance services.

  • Unlock

    new markets and revenue streams

  • Service

    billions of digital asset wallets globally

  • Share

    R&D costs with like-minded institutions

  • Integrate

    your services with vetted counterparties

  • Govern

    your digital asset processes under a bank-grade compliant framework

  • Access

    expertize in DLT, custody, compliance, and capital markets

  • 1/5

    “Bridging the digital asset industry and traditional finance requires a multifaceted approach incorporating institutional-grade technology, regulation, as well as industrial capacities. By partnering with Metaco, SG – FORGE will be able to leverage their secure infrastructure to ensure that we have a solid foundation to grow our digital asset market activities.”

    Jean-Marc Stenger
    CEO at Societe Generale - FORGE
  • 2/5

    “This partnership represents a new milestone for us, allowing us to build a multi-asset, multi-provider platform which will offer full connectivity across traditional and digital assets. Our objective is to offer our clients a single view of all these different types of assets for complete transparency, greater operational efficiency and risk management.”

    Wayne Hughes
    Head of Digital Assets, BNP Securities Services
  • 3/5

    “Our extensive due diligence process clearly pointed out that Metaco Harmonize brings an unparalleled value proposition. It fits our ambition to build a highly secure, infrastructure- and asset-agnostic architecture model. Our operations will be independent, scalable and secure. As a result, we have laid the foundation for the assets of the future.”

    Andreas Sack
    Head of Digital Assets Custody and Infrastructure, DekaBank
  • 4/5

    “Our requirements around security, scalability and future-proofness of our digital asset custody initiative were highly complex, and Metaco Harmonize proved to be the only solution fit for purpose and able to support our target operating model. With the offering we can build by leveraging this technology, we can create long-lasting competitive advantage”

    Nils Christopeit
    Lead Solution Design Digital Custody, DZ BANK
  • 5/5

    “Zodia’s collaboration with Metaco allows us to safeguard and manage crypto assets for institutions. Metaco Harmonize allows us to co-innovate and build on top of a secure, flexible and modular platform, providing Zodia with an agile infrastructure equally fit for the regulations and conditions currently in place, but also for any possible future ones.”

    Maxime de Guillebon
    CEO at Zodia Custody, by Standard Chartered

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