Metaco Harmonize

Capitalize on the power of digital assets

Launch products and services based on use cases that range from traditional assets with crypto underlyings, to investments in non-fungible tokens and access to the metaverse.

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  • Offer cryptocurrency and digital asset services

    Create a safe and compliant environment for retail and institutional customers to custody, trade, transfer, borrow or lend digital currencies and assets, straight from their banking wallets.

  • Create structured products with crypto underlyings

    Offer retail or OTC structured notes with single, or basket of, cryptos as underlying asset, or create alternative investment funds or hedging products such as derivatives, futures, NDFs.

  • Tokenize traditional financial assets or real-world assets

    Create and service digital representations of securities such as equities and bonds. Tokenize non-fungible real-world assets such as real estate, music, art, luxury collectibles and jewelry.

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    “By partnering with Metaco to offer a secure and scalable platform to tokenize and custody all types of financial, digital and real-world assets, we take a new major step towards building VP Bank’s foundation of the future. We enjoyed a really excellent cooperation during the project, which delivered a highly automated, secure and fully integrated solution, an industry standard that guarantees us stability and lays the foundation for us to be able to continue developing successfully for our customers.”

    Marcel Fleisch
    Chief Product Officer at VP Bank
  • 2/2

    “UnionBank’s collaboration with its strategic partner Metaco has been critical in the bank’s pursuit of realizing its vision of delivering superior, customer-centric services to the Philippine market. We are proud to continue UnionBank’s series of industry firsts, this time being the first regulated bank in the country allowing digital currency exchange feature for clients.”

    Henry Aguda
    CTO & COO at UnionBank Philippines

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