Preparing for the Token Economy with Digital Asset Custody

Ripple’s vision is to build the Internet of Value – enabling the world to move value as seamlessly as information does today. And custody is an integral component of that vision. Without it, financial institutions, investors, and consumers cannot use tokenized assets or move, manage and tokenize value in a safe, secure, scalable and compliant way.

Given the growing breadth and importance of digital assets—from stablecoins and CBDCs to tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) like stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and more—market participants require custody in order to unlock access to these new asset classes and the broader token economy. If digital assets are the vehicles, then custody is the road that paves the way and enables the industry to get from point A to point B.

Since inception, our team has been hard at work developing mission-critical, institutional-grade digital asset custody capabilities to build tomorrow’s market infrastructure, alongside global custodian clients. Not just another wallet provider, we enable you to not only securely hold but also manage your digital assets – from trading, to staking, to settling and beyond – in sophisticated and compliant ways. 

Ripple is fully committed to accelerating the development of that solution: from hiring engineers, developers, sales and product leaders across the globe, to injecting additional resources into product development and doubling down on improving and enhancing the customer experience. 

With additional human, capital and technical resources now available, the future is extremely bright for our custody software customers, and the broader blockchain and digital asset industry at large.

Ushering in a New Era of Financial Services

The digital asset space is constantly evolving, as is the underlying blockchain technology that powers these assets. With over a decade of experience working with blockchain and alongside global institutions, Ripple is uniquely poised and well-positioned to catalyze on custody’s growing momentum and success. 

Custody is a natural fit and an important addition to Ripple’s solutions – one that bridges crypto with traditional finance for greater operational efficiency, digital asset market access, secure storage, risk management, transaction security and more. And this next wave of innovation comes on the heels of exciting new custody partnerships with Zodia Custody and top-tier banks like HSBC and BBVA

For those looking for a digital asset custody solution provider; the software infrastructure to custody client assets; or the opportunity to open new revenue streams and boost customer engagement; the time to explore digital asset management and crypto custody is now.

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