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The key for any institution entering the digital asset market will be to keep its options open, which to a great extent will be synonymous with not creating legacy technology.
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Institutions deciding to move into the digital asset market face multiple binary choices.

Most firms realize that now is the time to invest into digital asset capabilities. Investing is the only way to protect their existing roles – as custodians, exchanges, issuers – as well as to stake their claim in a market that will boom as tokenization opens up a much larger pool of assets.

But the digital asset market is evolving and changing quickly. Investment cases are changing. When it comes to if and how to secure the keys to the assets, if and how to externalize parts of the entire aspects of custody, what liquidity venues to connect to, how best to manage compliance and regulations, how to manage smart contracts and integrate DeFi protocols at scale, the only thing that is safe to say is that no single solution will prove fit for purpose. 

Find out how institutions can transform this complexity into a competitive advantage. 

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Digital Asset Orchestration

Manage digital assets with the highest security and flexibility.

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METACO Harmonize is an orchestration system for digital assets. From cryptocurrency custody and trading to tokenization, staking and smart contract management, the platform seamlessly connects institutions to the new world of decentralized finance.

The platform enables financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes—from small to large banks, asset managers and corporates—to store, trade and manage tokens while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

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