Become a digital asset custodian

Secure and maintain absolute control over private keys

  • Choose the right operating model

    Choose your preferred wallet isolation setup, key repository, deployment method and governance model.

  • Execute fast, de-risked MVP

    Go to market fast with a proven MVP playbook, with option to leverage our SaaS and fully managed infrastructure.

  • Iterate and scale to billions of wallets

    Build commercial offerings and scalable, future-proof digital asset business models.

Custody Vaults
  • Optimal combination of MPC and HSM

    Combine the best of multi-party computation and hardware security to decentralize risk and minimize the attack surface.

  • Ultimate level of isolation with advanced air-gapping

    Disconnect the keys from all networks and enforce strict controls around access to your cold infrastructure.

  • Highest protection against physical attacks

    Rely on extreme tamper-detection measures and nanosecond zeroization capabilities.

Optimally balance liquidity and security

Create multiple vaults with varying temperatures to optimize the level of liquidity and security based upon the use-case and service level.

  • Cold vaults

    Long-term custody & manual processes

  • Hot vaults

    Fast transactions & full automation

The global standard

The only custody solution built with Tier 1 banks to underpin complex commercial offerings.

  • Unique multi-vault custody setup

    Always maintain full control over private keys. Store digital assets by leveraging any combination of key management technology, tailored to your needs.

  • Highest market-rated security model

    Remove central points of compromise. Secure keys thanks to multi-layered security architecture, supercharged by FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified HSM encryption.

  • Hot, warm and institutional cold storage

    Scale commercial offerings with our institutional cold storage solution which offers the highest possible protection, coupled with hot and warm wallets for access to liquidity.

  • Scalable, bank-grade compliance and governance

    Configure an end-to-end secure policy framework spanning all administrative processes and transactions on the platform, on exchanges and DeFi platforms.

  • Advanced on- and off-chain accounting capabilities

    Consume segregated and omnibus account models seamlessly with an automated management of gas and reserves.

  • Optionality for business and operating model evolution

    Leverage a single platform to govern all business units, use cases, and regulatory regimes.

  • 1/2

    “Leveraging Metaco’s platform fully integrated into our core banking system, BBVA Switzerland and BBVA NewGen enables its private banking clients to combine traditional financial assets with digital assets with the utmost security. This awarded service would not have been possible without this technology, which turned it all into reality.”

    Silvia Ibarra
    Head of Client Solutions at BBVA Switzerland
  • 2/2

    “Zodia’s collaboration with Metaco allows us to safeguard and manage crypto assets for institutions. Metaco Harmonize allows us to co-innovate and build on top of a secure, flexible and modular platform, providing Zodia with an agile infrastructure equally fit for the regulations and conditions currently in place, but also for any possible future ones.”

    Maxime de Guillebon
    CEO at Zodia Custody, by Standard Chartered

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