Seamlessly scale in a secure
and compliant manner

Scale use cases beyond custody with a versatile governance framework covering all administrative processes, transactions and assets managed on the platform, as well as those externally managed on exchanges and DApps.

  • Leverage predefined policies

    Leverage our pre-configured model-bank governance frameworks, for fast yet compliant go-to-market.

  • Customize and refine your policies

    Leverage our visual builder to develop your own policies that satisfy stringent internal controls and risk management frameworks.

  • Entirely customizable risk and compliance controls

    Own your policies and meet regulatory requirements with hyper granular parameters, conditions and workflows configurable via a policy builder.

  • No central points of compromise or super admin

    Eliminate threat vectors related to super admins or collusion thanks to a fully decentralized architecture ensuring multiple controls for all critical operations at the infrastructure and software layers.

  • End-to-end automation services, at scale

    Increase straight-through-processing by automating chain forensic checks and other compliance processes, by managing quarantines of incoming transfers, and by having proper controls around the whitelisting of addresses.

  • Full segregation of business units

    Leverage the platform’s multi-domain capability to segregate and map access rights and processes according to the structure of your institution and with proper supervision and group-wide compliance.

  • Testimonials

    “Zodia’s collaboration with Metaco allows us to safeguard and manage crypto assets for institutions. Metaco Harmonize allows us to co-innovate and build on top of a secure, flexible and modular platform, providing Zodia with an agile infrastructure equally fit for the regulations and conditions currently in place, but also for any possible future ones.”

    Maxime de Guillebon
    CEO at Zodia Custody, by Standard Chartered

Unify governance now

Secure your custody, transfers, trading and DeFi operations with Metaco Harmonize,
which unifies governance across your existing third-party digital asset backends.