Our company has its roots and core expertise in cybersecurity and cryptography.
Built on a foundational security philosophy, our mission is to provide
a best-in-class, enterprise-secure platform.

Highest market-rated security model

Built with and for regulated financial institutions that value safety above all.

  • Multi-layered security architecture

    To minimize the attack surface and vectors of the system.

  • The best of HSM and MPC technologies

    To remove any trade-offs between the two worlds, when securing keys.

  • Unique zone-based security model

    To rebalance automatically between hot and cold wallets.

  • Keep your own private keys

    To avoid regulatory ambiguity by storing all key material.

  • Fully configurable governance

    To own and design your own policies and approval workflows.

  • Zero central points of compromise

    To remove super admin powers, or rogue administrator attacks.

  • Business continuity & Disaster recovery

    To backup & restore keys and ensure complete audit trails.

  • Easily insurable by partner brokers

    To obtain full specie and crime insurance for ultimate peace of mind.

Keep your own keys

Metaco does not manage keys or key shards, it does not participate in any co-signing process nor does it provide any type of financial service which is or could become subject to being regulated. All key material stays with our clients.

Learn more about our custody solutions

Scalable, bank-grade MPC technology
with best-in-class protection for hot wallets

  • Keys are never reconstructed

  • Support for key derivation

  • Flexible number of shards & threshold

  • Pre-signatures & non-interactive signing

State-of-the-art hardware security
to minimize attack surfaces

  • Smart card-based key provisioning and backup

  • Hierarchical deterministic key derivation

  • Tampering and intrusion protection

  • Highest HSM certification standard: FIPS 140-2 Level 4

  • Our commitment

    “In a technology driven world, nothing is more important than security. But security is not just computer science, it is a mindset. Our approach to our architecture is zero-trust: authenticating every step from intention to actual transaction execution, with no single point of compromise.”

    Sebastien Robyr
    Chief Information Security Officer at Metaco

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