Reinvent capital markets

Create and support new asset classes to satisfy client demand, now and in the future.

  • Security tokens

    Seamlessly issue tokenized bonds, equities, fund certificates, collaterals and structured products.

  • Coins

    Create and manage fiat-backed stable coins or CBDCs that transform day-to-day commerce.

  • NFTs

    Re-define how value is represented by easily minting and storing NFTs (art, music, collectibles etc.).

  • Asset-agnostic tokenization

    Leverage a complete smart contract management framework to turn any type of bankable or non-bankable asset into digital tokens.

  • Complete token lifecycle management

    Deploy and manage smart contracts end-to-end with full support for any type of asset servicing including corporate actions, dividends, proxy voting and other events.

  • A strong partnership with best-of-breed engines

    Supercharge existing capabilities with deeply integrated, best-of-breed tokenization engines enabling highly performant asset-agnostic issuance, management and liquidity events.

  • Access working group with leading global custodians

    Work with like-minded regulated global custodians, banks and institutions to create, develop and promote globally interoperable standards and tokenization frameworks, covering origination, structuring, placement and issuance processing.

  • “We are witnessing the increasing digitization of traditional investment assets along with new native digital assets. We are innovating and developing new capabilities to support digital asset classes that are becoming increasingly relevant to our clients.”

    Okan Pekin
    Global Head of Securities Services, Citi

Create new financial products

Join global custodian banks and leading financial institutions
building digital capital markets infrastructure on top of Metaco Harmonize.