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Singapore Fintech Festival 2019


Sibos 2019 London

London, UK

Swiss Blockchain Security – Stablecoins

Geneva, Switzerland

Avaloq Community Conferences

Zurich, Switzerland


Amsterdam, The Nederlands


TV5 Monde – 64′ Grand Angle: Adrien Treccani talks about cryptocurrencies and Libra (FR)

Adrien Treccani, METACO CEO, talks about cryptocurrencies, Facebook Libra and the institutionalization of digital assets.

11FS – Blockchain insider: Adrien Treccani talks about METACO and digital assets in banking (EN)

Adrien Treccani, METACO CEO, talks about the history of METACO, the introduction of SILO and shares his outlook about the institutionalization of digital assets.

CV Summit: Keynote by Adrien Treccani about the institutionalization of crypto-asset custody (EN)

Adrien Treccani, METACO CEO, talks about the key challenges for digital asset custody in banking in this keynote and panel at the CV Summit 2019 (Zug, Switzerland).

BFM Business – Tête à tête Décideurs: Adrien Treccani talks about METACO and SILO (FR)

Adrien Treccani, METACO CEO, explains the importance of security for digital asset management in banking and presents SILO, the digital asset management solution trusted by Avaloq, Swisscom or Deutsche Börse.

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