May 23, 2019

METACO and SCX join forces to deliver the most reliable crypto exchange and custody solution

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METACO and Swiss Crypto Exchange (SCX) join forces to provide most-reliable crypto-asset exchange and custody solution

Zurich, 30 October 2018 – METACO, a leading Swiss provider of ultra-secure distributed-ledger infrastructure, and Swiss Crypto Exchange (SCX), the first regulated crypto exchange in Switzerland, join forces to provide banks and regulated custodians with the most-reliable cryptoasset exchange and custody solution.

Traditionally, cryptoasset exchanges have been extremely centralised and have been subject to security failures leading to billions-worth of assets lost or stolen. SCX’s unique offering to connect banks directly with each other removes the risk of customers having to rely on exchanges for cryptoasset storage. METACO’s cryptoasset custody infrastructure, SILO, integrated with SCX, enables the trading of cryptocurrencies with the highest degree of security and reliability, with no central point of failure. SCX will be the first centralized marketplace with decentralized custody-providers in a regulated environment.

SILO is directly implemented in the interfaces of Avaloq, Swisscom and Temenos, the three leading Swiss banking-software providers. For financial institutions, this implies that cryptoassets can be seamlessly integrated into their traditional interfaces and business operations as a new asset class in a secure and reliable manner.

SCX considers safe cryptoasset custody in the traditional banking infrastructure as imperative for the growth of this market. It contributes in building trust and allows institutional clients to enter the cryptomarket with confidence as custody is retained by trusted and regulated providers, such as banks. SCX focuses on providing liquidity and the necessary technology to support the ecosystem between the institutions while leaving the custody activity to the banks themselves through METACO’s solution.

In a personal statement Cyrill Tröndle states: “It is amazing how we can help grow this ecosystem in a trustworthy and secure manner. Thus far, the only missing part was the safe custody on the banks’ side, and METACO’s SILO solves this. SCX does not aim to hold clients’ money or cryptoassets. We believe clients should be holding these digital assets safely at their own banks or trusted financial providers. We trust that this revolutionary technical implementation via SILO will lower the hurdle for financial institutions to implement cryptoasset classes into their client-offering with SCX.”

“By allowing banks to retain responsibility over their clients’ digital assets, SCX’s unique model succeeds at solving two of the biggest points of friction that have prevented mass adoption of crypto assets: security and accessibility. I am excited to join forces with the exceptional team at SCX to deploy the most-secure and fully-integrated cryptoasset trading services in banking”, comments Adrien Treccani, METACO Co-founder and CEO.

METACO is a Swiss-based organization expert in ultra-secure, fit-for-purpose distributed ledger infrastructure for institutional clients and enterprises. Founded in 2014 by Adrien Treccani Ph.D., the company is backed by institutional shareholders, including Avaloq, SICPA, Swisscom and Swiss Post. Its SILO partner, Guardtime, is a leading expert in military cyber-security solutions, trusted by the most rigorous private and public institutions.

About SCX
SCX was founded to provide secure, high-quality and transparent access to blockchain-based products from Switzerland. SCX offers the trading of Bitcoin, Ether and selected payment and utility tokens. SCX is convinced that blockchain- and cryptotechnology will enable significant improvements and innovation for Switzerland as a business location and for the associated international markets.

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