The institutional digital asset operating system


SILO In a few words

The comprehensive digital asset management system

SILO enables the comprehensive management of digital assets including thousands of cryptocurrencies, tokens and smart contracts with custom risk management ensuring the best-fit balance for asset security and liquidity.


SILO offers a complete technology stack for the management of cryptocurrencies and tokens.


Store and transfer bitcoins, ethers and thousands of other digital assets in highly secure wallets backed by hardware security and multi-party computation



Tokenize and manage the full lifecycle of asset tokens with a complete smart contract framework supporting equities, bonds, derivatives and other asset classes



Protect the system integrity with a universal governance framework regulating every process and ensuring the absence of single points of trust



Leverage the infrastructure to securely interact with a variety of third-party providers offering liquidity, compliance, reporting and banking services

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A single infrastructure for hot and air-gapped wallets

SILO combines tamper-proof hardware with advanced key management options in a unified hot-to-cold storage solution ideal for the storage of assets both long-term and short.

A programmable entitlements system

SILO’s entitlements system regulates the access rules to all entities and functionalities of the platform. It enables custom risk and control workflows for transaction execution and administration.
SILO Hardware
Metaco Tokenization SILO

A tokenization and asset servicing engine

SILO’s smart contract engine secures the entire tokenization process including minting, burning and transfers. It supports the management of the full lifecycle of tokenized assets including corporate actions.

An ecosystem of services

Beyond supporting a broad range of distributed ledger protocols, both public and permissioned, SILO integrates with a complete ecosystem of services for liquidity, compliance, tax reporting and sub-custody.

Flexible integration options

SILO allows flexible deployment as an on-premises, hybrid cloud, or managed service, with a network of service providers for security consulting, project management, infrastructure hosting, and system integration.

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