Supply chain attacks highlight the fundamental importance of digital asset security

May 2021


Learn how operators of digital assets can prevent supply chain attacks

With 23% of cyber attacks taking place against the Finance and Insurance industry and with digital assets coming of age, they are bound to become a magnet for malicious actors. The bigger the payoff, the more incisive their actions will be. 

That is why supply chain security is crucial for sponsoring trust and cultivating the lasting credibility that digital assets deserve.

Explore our white paper with contributions from five industry experts.

Contributions from cybersecurity industry experts

METACO white paper collaborators pic1
G. Raiu

Director of the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky

METACO white paper collaborators pic 2
May Austin

CEO of th4ts3cur1ty company and PocketSIEM

Juan Andrés

Researcher at SentinelOne and Adjunct Professor of Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies


Distinguished Chair at the Middle East Institute Cyber Program Established security after the Shamoon cyberwar attack against Saudi Aramco in 2012


Director of Security at Blockdaemon (ex VP Cybersec at METACO)

Download this white paper to learn about:

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Supply chain attacks – conditions for the perfect storm, who carries out the attacks and why?

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The long-term implications – what are the risks of not prioritizing supply chain attacks and consequences of one?

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The rise of digital assets – how the recent mass uptake of digital assets incentivizes attackers and what operators of digital assets should do to prevent attacks.

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