Live conversations with the people building the future of digital assets.

Digital assets are coming of age.

Interest, use cases and market opportunities are all exploding. To help navigate this complex and burgeoning market, we have set up a series of live interviews with the people who are shaping its future: the entrepreneurs building the next generation of unicorns, the VCs backing them, the engineers creating the infrastructure on which these markets depend, the regulators regulating them, the influencers shaping them and more.


Orchestration: the key to digital asset management at scale w/ Adrien TRECCANI and Seamus DONOGHUE

This is a special episode. In a truly platform company fashion, everything we do internally must be done in a way that can be also consumed externally. We’re transforming the onboarding session of two of our recent new joiners – Craig Perrin (VP Sales) and Dario Duran (Solution Architect) – into a public-facing METACO TALKS event. 

Craig and Dario will interview METACO’s CEO, Adrien Treccani, and its VP of Strategic Alliances, Seamus Donoghue, on anything from the digital asset market opportunity to how institutions will manage the convergence of the CeFi and DeFi worlds. 

Friday, June 11th at 09:30am CET


METACO TALKS. Your go-to crypto podcast.

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    METACO DeFi orchestration platform for digital assets crypto

    Digital Asset Orchestration

    Manage digital assets with the highest security and flexibility.

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    METACO Harmonize is an orchestration system for digital assets. From cryptocurrency custody and trading to tokenization, staking and smart contract management, the platform seamlessly connects institutions to the new world of decentralized finance.

    METACO Harmonize enables financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes—from small to large banks, asset managers and corporates—to store, trade and manage tokens while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

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