Access the DeFi ecosystem.

A smart contract management framework bridging centralized and decentralized finance capabilities for better yield generation and seamless peer-to-peer interactions.

METACO Tokenize

Tokenize and manage the full lifecycle of asset tokens.

Complete smart contract framework supporting issuance, staking and lending for all asset classes such as equities, bonds, derivatives etc.

Execute transfers with support of all major coins and tokens.

Seamless transfers between wallets and to external addresses of all major cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens and smart contracts on public and private ledgers.

METACO modularity for integration

Move at the speed of the DeFi market.

Modular architecture allows for express integration of new coins, tokens and DLTs, independently of METACO.


Bridge the CeFi and DeFi markets.


Bridge the CeFi and DeFi markets.


Bridge the CeFi and DeFi markets.

Token Management Framework

Generate yield and enable peer-to-peer interactions through advanced decentralized finance capabilities.

METACO Tokens for Decentralized Finance DeFi and Tokenization
METACO Tokens bridges centralized and decentralized finance into a powerful smart contract management framework supporting asset tokenization, peer-to-peer trading, lending, staking and more.

Lifecycle management

Deploy and manage smart contracts end-to-end, with full support for any type of asset servicing, including corporate actions, dividends, proxy voting etc.).

Asset agnostic issuance

Tokenize any type of bankable or non-bankable asset, such as equities, bonds, derivatives, collaterals, real-estate, collectibles and passion investments etc.

Get the basics right first.

Safely store digital assets into maximum security vaults.

METACO Vaults secures the keys and the accounts with one or multiple key repositories – HSM and MPC, in the cloud or on-premise, from hot to cold to full air-gapped.

Tap into a network of global trusted sub-custodians.

METACO Flows enables access to third-party custodial wallet providers to companies looking to externalize part or all of their custody to expert sub-custodians in various jurisdictions.

Connect with all major exchanges and liquidity venues.

METACO Trades is an institutional trading desk which connects major exchanges, brokers and market makers with an order management system addressing hundreds of cryptos and tokens.

Digital Asset Orchestration

Seamlessly manage keys and interactions across the entire DeFi stack.

METACO Harmonize is an orchestration system for digital assets. From cryptocurrency custody and trading to tokenization, staking and smart contract management, the platform seamlessly connects institutions to the new world of decentralized finance.

The enables financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes—from small to large banks, asset managers and corporates—to store, trade and manage tokens while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

METACO DeFi orchestration platform for digital assets crypto

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Programmable workflows METACO Harmonize

Secure Policy Engine

Governance framework to enforce secure policies with no central point of compromise.

Setup risk control measures and meet regulatory requirements with programmable workflows allowing for straight-through processing and secure automation at scale.

Transaction example

Approval process

Enforcement of approval quorum based on transaction amount, destination, and time of day.

Compliance checks

Clearance from fraud monitoring system, compliance, risk controls and KYT.

Transaction Settlement

Execution & tracking

Preparation of the blockchain transaction, signature, broadcast, and monitoring.

Deploy as you wish.

Tailored deployment as SaaS or on-premises, with no trade-offs between security and agility.

Grow without constraints.

Micro-services based architecture supporting unlimited number of private keys.

Enable hierarchical governance.

Hierarchical multi-tenancy with full segregation of data and processes.

Synchronize with DLTs.

Real-time tracking of the on-chain activity for every native coin, token, and smart contract.

Get a 360 view.

Consolidated accounting and reconciliation of on-chain accounts, exchanges and custodians.

Remain audit-proof.

Tamper-proof audit trails with complete record of all user requests and executed operations.

FOR FINANCIAL and non-financial institutions of all sizes

Enterprise-ready suites with packaged digital asset use-cases.

METACO for Banks and Finservs

For banks and finserv providers

Integrate digital asset use cases into your business model, irrespective if you’re a large retail, corporate, private bank or a fast-growing challenger bank.

METACO for Custodians and Infrastructure Providers

For custodians and infra providers

Use your traditional custody expertise to provide an infrastructure enabling institutions worldwide to operate in the emerging digital asset space.

METACO for Exchanges and Market Makers

For exchanges, brokers and OTCs

Expand into trading and secure custody of digital assets, including all the main cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens.

METACO for Asset Managers

For asset managers

Get exposure to new asset classes and diversify custody risks across a network of trusted custodians in all major jurisdictions. 

For corporates

Adopt crypto as part of your treasury strategy. Issue and manage equities, bonds, derivatives and other asset tokens.

For qualified investors

Transform unbankable assets into liquid tokens, unlocking capital while re-directing it towards alpha generating investments.

The tokenization market is only 0.1% complete.
Enable your institution to get an early-mover advantage.

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