Stay in control
as you expand your business

Get a 360-degree view over all your digital assets under management,
whether they are stored locally, at sub-custodians, on exchanges or in other external wallets.

  • Asset- and system-agnostic orchestration

    Obtain a single source of truth for digital assets managed by various internal and third-party systems, underpinned by a single governance framework.

  • Networked business model building capabilities

    Unlock exponential growth from building custody, settlement and collateral management networks, backed by the highest industry standards and trust.

  • A single, unified platform

    Connect, unify, secure and manage all transactions and operations across various self-custody solutions, sub-custodians, trading venues, external accounts, settlement networks, DeFi apps, tokenization engines and other digital asset backends.

  • Multi-protocol support

    Leverage the native support and connectivity to all major public and permissioned ledgers, with extensive coverage for major cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens and smart contracts.

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Orchestration: the key for your digital asset infrastructure

  • Unified accounting

    Consolidate the accounting data for self-custodied and sub custodied assets with a standardized representation for all distributed ledger protocols and connected financial services.

  • Automated rebalancing and allocation

    Automate the rebalancing of assets under management between accounts and security zones for optimal risk management, gas allocation, and transactions executability.

  • Seamless connectivity to Web3

    Connect and manage keys and interactions across any major DeFi protocol, NFT platform or Web3 DApp.

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Build networked solutions to unlock exponential growth

Work with like-minded global custodians, banks and regulated financial institutions to create and develop networked offerings such as sub-custody and settlement networks, DeFi liquidity pools, collateral management solutions, backed by the highest possible standards of KYC/AML.