What can Brazil's fintech revolution teach the world about digital assets?

Brazil has a unique place in the fintech revolution that upended and compelled traditional financial institutions to transform over the last decade. Home to what was one of the most unbanked populations among the BRICS nations, Brazil has come a long way since the birth of some of the most innovative fintech companies in the world, such as Nubank. PIX, Brazil’s famed real time settlement network has been a catalyst of driving the country’s financial inclusion agenda in the last two-and-a-half years.

And now thanks to a potent combination of progressive regulation, mature market infrastructure and a culture of innovation, Brazil is quickly turning into a strong hub for not only cryptocurrencies but for the broader digital assets’ ecosystem. Brazil holds vital lessons other markets might emulate to ride the impending wave of mainstream adoption of digital assets.

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Brazil: A Unique Digital Asset Ecosystem

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